Mentoring for artists

Artist Paul Regan ARWS, founder of Studio Fridays and Director at Insight School of Art, mentors individuals and small groups of new and emerging artists who are looking to develop their work and exhibit. He also holds Studio Fridays, a weekly studio day for up to fourteen artists to work alongside each other in a studio in Whetstone, North London, and receive one-to-one and group mentoring.

Send Paul an email if you would like to arrange regular mentoring sessions. If you would like to be considered for Studio Fridays, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Individual and Group Mentoring

Regular group mentoring sessions provide excellent peer bubbles, with each artist not only benefiting from the knowledge and experience of their mentor, but also being inspired and motivated by each other.

If you would like to join up to three other artists for weekly or monthly mentoring, please drop Paul a line. Existing groups of artists may apply together. Mentoring sessions for individuals are also possible.

Mentoring sessions can take place at Insight School of Art in Whetstone, North London or over Zoom.

One-off mentoring session
Min 45 minutes per artist / Maximum 3 artists per group
£80 per hour (divided by number of people participating)
Full payment in advance

6 weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions
Min 20 minutes per artist / Maximum 4 artists per group
£70 per hour (divided by number of people participating)
Full payment in advance

Studio Fridays

Studio Fridays represents fourteen ambitious new and emerging artists, offering them an online platform to show their work, and shared studio space with mentoring once a week.

In the past, Studio Fridays artists have held successful solo and group shows, been selected for major exhibitions, including at the Royal Academy, Mall Galleries and the Bankside Gallery, and have successfully applied for Masters and undergraduate courses at University.

Studio Fridays runs from 10.15am to 4pm at our Whetstone studio, every Friday during term time. Each twelve week term includes:

  • Representation on
  • Shared studio space on Fridays
  • Weekly individual mentoring with Paul Regan ARWS.
  • Two life drawing mornings with Mick Kirkbride NEAC.
  • Two individual mentoring sessions with art critic Estelle Lovett.
  • A ‘Mystery Challenge’ morning; designed to challenge artists outside their usual practice.
  • A Professional Practice morning.

If you are a practicing artist working towards an exhibition or national competitions, and would like to become a Studio Fridays artist, please complete the application form below or contact us for more information by emailing Please note that places do not become available very often and are offered to those artists who are thought to be most suitable to join the existing group of artists.

The price for each twelve week term costs £450.

* New members will be added to the website once they have a solid and consistent body of work.

Application form

Please complete this following application form if you would like to be considered for Studio Fridays. We will confirm receipt of your application within one week, then consider it each time a place becomes available. We will only contact you again if we are able to offer you a place.

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