Natalia Millman

'Visions of her own inner fears and demons'.

Natalia Millman is a London based artist, having arrived from Ukraine in 2001. Her work has featured in a number of exhibitions and art fairs, and she was invited to become a guest artist at Studio Fridays in 2020.

Millman is conceptual installation artist and painter. Much of her work is constructed from material found on building sites, which she ingeniously re-presents as visions of her own inner fears and demons, like ageing, loneliness, anger and melancholy. She is currently researching the philosophy of ageing, and tells stories of her personal cultural dilemma and the experience of loss.

The symbolic objects she presents, remind us of mortality, the fragility of life and vanity. She transforms decay into beauty, bringing together seemingly unrelated discarded material, which she brings new life. Aesthetically, Natalia’s work reminds us of artists along the line of Tracey Emin, Berlinde de Bruycke and Andrew Carnie; gluing, tying and layering found 'body-like' materials, tightly interconnecting and merging them together.

Vanishing Human by Natalia Millman, Burnt paper, moss, wire, acrylic
Vanishing Human
Burnt paper, moss, wire, acrylic, 58x20x20cm
Tender Stroke by Natalia Millman, Tree bark, tracing paper, photo print
Tender Stroke
Tree bark, tracing paper, photo print, 50x38cm
Real Signs of Beauty by Natalia Millman, Wood bark, acrylic, synthetic hair
Real Signs of Beauty
Wood bark, acrylic, synthetic hair, 43x40x10cm
Price of Aging by Natalia Millman, Mixed Media on wood panel
Price of Aging
Mixed Media on wood panel , 15x18cm
Inevitable by Natalia Millman, Acrylic, maggots, wire, glue
Acrylic, maggots, wire, glue, 62x60x60cm
Fragment of her skin by Natalia Millman, Wire, leather, acrylic
Fragment of her skin
Wire, leather, acrylic, 17x20x20cm
Fragility by Natalia Millman, Acrylic, pastels, print paper, latex
Acrylic, pastels, print paper, latex, 60x60cm
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Erasing Memory by Natalia Millman, Acrylic, synthetic hair, foam, syringes
Erasing Memory
Acrylic, synthetic hair, foam, syringes, 30x20x20cm