Natalia Millman

Exploring loss through collaboration

Studio Fridays member (2018 - 2020)

During her mentorship with Studio Fridays, London based Ukrainian artist Natalia Millman started her current practice exploring loss, taking part in important exhibitions and art fairs, and holding her first solo show.

Since Studio Fridays, Millman has continued to explore the different ways people experience loss, using visual art to tell stories. She highlights people’s unique experiences and promotes empathy within the community. In 2024, Millman received an Arts Council grant to deepen her research and creatively respond to letters she received about grief. Her project will culminate in a special event in Summer 2025, featuring an exhibition and workshops that focus on healing through art, and offering space for shared understanding and comfort.

Vanishing Human by Natalia Millman, Burnt paper, moss, wire, acrylic
Vanishing Human
Burnt paper, moss, wire, acrylic, 58x20x20cm
Tender Stroke by Natalia Millman, Tree bark, tracing paper, photo print
Tender Stroke
Tree bark, tracing paper, photo print, 50x38cm
Real Signs of Beauty by Natalia Millman, Wood bark, acrylic, synthetic hair
Real Signs of Beauty
Wood bark, acrylic, synthetic hair, 43x40x10cm
Price of Aging by Natalia Millman, Mixed Media on wood panel
Price of Aging
Mixed Media on wood panel , 15x18cm
Inevitable by Natalia Millman, Acrylic, maggots, wire, glue
Acrylic, maggots, wire, glue, 62x60x60cm
Fragment of her skin by Natalia Millman, Wire, leather, acrylic
Fragment of her skin
Wire, leather, acrylic, 17x20x20cm
Fragility by Natalia Millman, Acrylic, pastels, print paper, latex
Acrylic, pastels, print paper, latex, 60x60cm
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Erasing Memory by Natalia Millman, Acrylic, synthetic hair, foam, syringes
Erasing Memory
Acrylic, synthetic hair, foam, syringes, 30x20x20cm