Helen Robinson

...... a strong sense of light, mystery and drama.

Helen is inspired by her love of travel and the sea. She says that she aims to interpret the 'intangible thrill that comes with experiencing diversities of culture and the history, architecture and landscape associated with it'.

Helen’s most recent works have been oil paintings of the sea; recording the atmospheric effects of light and weather on vast expanses of water. Having obtained an Honours degree in Art History in 2013, she realised that she was drawn mostly to landscape artists who focused on light, including 17th century Dutch landscape painters, the 'unfinished' works of William Turner and contemporary artists, Norman Ackroyd and Fred Cuming.

She has exhibited at various galleries in London, including the Mall Galleries, as part of ING Discerning Eye, The Camden Image Gallery and the Strand Gallery.

Blue Marshes by Helen Robinson, Oil on board
Blue Marshes
Oil on board, 35x45cm
Heat Haze by Helen Robinson, Oil on paper
Heat Haze
Oil on paper, 38x48cm
Mist across the marsh by Helen Robinson, Oil on canvas board
Mist across the marsh
Oil on canvas board, 50x50cm
Phosphorescence by Helen Robinson, Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas, 45x60cm
Red Sky at Night by Helen Robinson, Oil on canvas
Red Sky at Night
Oil on canvas, 30x40cm
Saltmarsh by Helen Robinson, Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas , 60x45cm
Tidemarks by Helen Robinson, Oil on board
Oil on board, 30x30cm