Natalia Millman – 64 Million Artists

29 March 2022 in Events by Paul Regan

This week, 64 Million Artists, the well-known social enterprise promoting creative collaboration, presents Studio Fridays artist Natalia Millman’s ongoing project; ‘Grief Letter’ to its wide community of artists.

Grief Letter was launched by Millman during her solo show; ‘Vanishing Point’ in October 2021 at the Crypt gallery, London and has quickly attracted much interest from around the world.

64 Million Artists involvement in the project will be a huge boost for Millman, helping her to connect thousands of new participents, who will write their letter to the one they have lost or are grieving. Millman says that ‘the process is simple but difficult. Its aim is to embrace grief proactively while writing a letter by hand, to study it closely, to open the discomfort of its experience, challenging the stigma about grief, to delve into their subconscious and expand healing and self-discovery.’ The 64 Million Artists challenge is accompanied by a grief meditation focusing on our relationship with grief.

The collected grief letters will be incorporated by the artist in a project documented online and as a live installation.

This collaboration is a new step in Millman’s creative development and research of grief, mortality and ageing. Click here to learn more about this project and to take part.

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