Dawn Limbert on Landscape Artist of the Year

04 February 2022 in Events, Painting by Paul Regan

Studio Fridays artist Dawn Limbert has appeared as a wild card entrant in the current Sky Arts series of Landscape Artist of the Year, on what was Whitstable’s hottest day of last year.

Dawn was one of fifty artists filmed painting the beach front whilst the judges and cameras came around to film. She could be seen working in her trademark pastel style at various points during the episode which was aired on Wednesday 26 January, and still available to watch on Sky TV, Now TV and Freeview. Presenters Kathleen Soriano and Kate Bryan commented on how quick Dawn was able to put pastel to paper, and even one of the camera operators was asking questions about her painting process whilst filming her in action.

Dawn said she had a lovely day meeting lots of other artists, and recommends that all landscape artists should give it a go.

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