Raina Goran continues to spring forward

13 May 2023 in Events, Exhibitions, Painting by Paul Regan

Spring in London brings with it the Open Exhibitions of the two royal watercolour societies; The Royal Watercolour Society and The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. In recent years, it has also bought with it, the work of Studio Fridays artist Raina Goran, who has her painted collages selected for both exhibitions, including being awarded first prize at the RWS Open 2022.

Goran’s aptly named, ‘Bankside’, was selected for this year’s RWS Open, at the Bankside Gallery; a work depicting the south bank area where the gallery resides, on a quiet, eery winter’s evening.

This year was the fifth time that Goran was selected for the RI Open, with three paintings selected this year, hung on the candidates wall; Westminster at Night, London Rooftops and Edinburgh.


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