Q&A Raina Goran

02 April 2020 in Painting, Uncategorized by Paul Regan

Contemporary acrylic and collage Studio Fridays artist Raina Goran had a bumper year in 2019. As well as having her work shown in a number of London galleries, she made good sales and completed commissions. We asked her some questions to find out more about her practice……

Q & A

What medium and materials do you use and why do you choose to use them?

I am interested in simplifying my landscapes to colour, shape and pattern. The collage style that I have devised works well for my interests. As part of my creative planning process, I decide on my colours and then paint sheets of paper in acrylic paint, thinking about areas of brush marks, texture or flat paint. I plan my design in advance so that at the collage stage of tearing, cutting and sticking the paper down, a lot of the decisions have been made and I can then work more freely and instinctively.

Which artist past or present makes work similar to yours?

I have always admired Barbara Rae’s extraordinary colour palettes and her ability to simplify her landscapes into blocks of colour, shape and pattern.
I also admire David Hockney for his strong use of colour and how he also reduces his subject to the most important lines and shapes often seen from an aerial view. Lastly, Matisse for his cut out, paper, collage works.

What has been the highlight of your painting career so far?

The highlight of my painting career so far has been having my work selected consecutively for The Society of Womens Artists, The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and New English Art Club in 2019 and 2020.

For your art to be taken seriously you need to be serious about your art. Working a few hours every day, even if it is just thinking about it or planning work makes a difference.

Then find your own style and remain true to yourself.


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