Honorary Member: Joanna Gilbert

02 February 2022 in Painting, Partners by Paul Regan

Dancing Leaves (detail) – Joanna Gilbert

Joanna Gilbert
Studio Fridays member (2012 – 2017 and 2019 – 2021)
Honorary Member (2022 – )

After nearly a decade working with the wonderful Joanna Gilbert, we were over the moon when she accepted our offer to become our first Honorary Member. During her time as a Studio Fridays artist, Gilbert made a huge contribution to the group, and we are delighted that we’ll be able to maintain a strong connection with her in the future.

An ambitious Gilbert joined Studio Fridays for mentoring in 2012, not only to become a better artist, but also to achieve her goal to be able to fully support her family with her practice. In 2021, having reached her goals (and more!); establishing herself as a respected and in demand painter, exhibiting regularly in physical galleries and online, Gilbert has now set herself some exciting new goals, moving on from Studio Fridays.

Gilbert is currently represented by Avivson Gallery in Highgate, London, where she has regular solo shows, and internationally by Renko London, who included Gilbert in their recent show at the Saatchi Gallery, London, and Linda Blackstone Gallery. Many of her paintings are also currently on loan through the art rentals company Artiq.

As well as physical exhibitions and art fairs, Gilbert’s work also appears online and in a number of NFT shows, recently via Artpool  and Known Origin.

Gilbert is passionate about empowering others and is a regular podcast guest and speaker. You can listen to her being interviewed on Laura Tynan’s Podcast ‘Make Millions to Impact Millions’  and ‘Clowning around’ with Emma Stroud. Finally, you can read about her very special, and most recent, Hidden Voice Project here.

Joanna…. we are so proud of you! You are amazing!

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