Art in the Time of Covid: Margaret Crutchley

16 April 2021 in Painting by Paul Regan

Art in the Time of Covid

Images of Beauty and Hope in an Anxious World
By Margaret Crutchley

margaret crutchley artist

When Covid 19 first struck early in 2020, it came as an ironic shock to witness that it was only the world of Man that was affected.
For the rest of Nature, it was business as usual. Spring arrived, the trees came into blossom and leaf; the birds sang and built nests.

I can remember envying the squirrels their carefree life, as I wrestled with the anxiety brought by the pandemic.


Soon though, the normality in the natural world became a solace. I could escape into my garden or the local parks and countryside and leave my worries behind. The beauty I saw in green spaces and the landscape, calmed me and gave me courage.


Of course, this emotion drove my Art. Painting some of the scenes of my ‘Lockdown’ walks, recreated these feelings of calm and hope.

I found myself drawn to views which looked from darkness to light, or through a barrier to an open area beyond. They were a metaphor for the passage we were all longing to make.


Finally, as Winter arrived, and the deciduous trees lost their leaves, I found consolation in the beauty of evergreen conifers and made three large portraits of them. I continue to aim to create similar uplifting work in the future.



  • Ghita
    2 weeks ago - Reply

    Well done, Margaret. The little summery picture I bought from you has given me great pleasure during the cold months, and I love your new big trees. Hopefully this summer will give you plenty of inspiration.

  • Margaret Crutchley
    2 weeks ago - Reply

    Thank you so much Ghita. I’m so glad the painting gives you pleasure. I certainly enjoyed painting it.
    Stay well.

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