Natalia Millman at Photobook Cafe

03 January 2023 in Events, Exhibitions, Painting by Paul Regan

Studio Fridays artist Natalia Millman was recently involved in the brilliant group show “730” at the Photobook Cafe in Old Street, London. The exhibition was organised by Original Magazine as part of their 2nd birthday celebrations. Original Magazine supports emerging artists and bridges the gap between creative industries and the educational sector. Millman’s works “The Grief Elixir” and “Vanishing Human” were chosen by the organisers unanimously; “We connected with your works straight away and needed to have them in our show” said Emily and Michael.

Millman’s works were previously part of Vanishing Point, her 2021 solo show in the Crypt Gallery, London. In her work Millman explored, and continues to look at, the challenges of ageing, physical and emotional transformations, and the aftermath of grief.

  • Margaret Crutchley
    12 months ago - Reply

    Truly creative, your work both moves and provokes. I am full of admiration!

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